About Resoil Compost

ReSoil’s mission revolves around fostering a more sustainable South Carolina by steering organic materials away from landfills and transforming them into premium-quality compost tailored to your garden’s needs. Explore our diverse range of offerings, including nutrient-rich compost, specialized raised bed mix, and Yard Rx by visiting our Products page.

Crafted with care, our compost is a blend of thoughtfully sourced elements such as food scraps from local businesses and schools, coffee chaff, soybean, fish, bone meal, and other locally derived food waste. Beyond its environmental impact, our compost offers a multitude of benefits. From effective erosion control and superior moisture retention to water conservation and the enhancement of overall soil health, our compost is designed to promote robust root growth and more. Experience the transformative power of ReSoil Compost, where sustainability meets quality in every nutrient-rich blend we produce.

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ReSoil Compost is Certified by the US Composting Councils Seal of Testing Assurance Program. This means our compost is frequently tested to ensure we are providing a top-quality and consistent product. To learn more about the US Composting Council and STA Certification click here.

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This is a program ran by SC Department of Agriculture to help promote South Carolina produced products


Don’t Waste Food SC Ambassador

Alongside DHEC we host food waste recycling events, share knowledge, and work together to reduce food waste in SC!