STA Certified Compost – Bagged – Pallet – Cubic Yard

Bag of ReSoil Compost

STA Certified Compost


$17 Per Bag

STA Certified Compost

$45 CU YA

$90 Super Sack

Top Dress Blend/Yard RX

$65 CU YA

$125 Super Sack

Raised Bed Mix

$85 CU YA

$120 Super Sack

We can bring it to you!

Commercial and Residential Delivery

Residential dump truck – 3 yard minimum

If you are interested in ordering a Super Sack for delivery, you must have a forklift or tractor to unload it

For more information please contact us.

How much do you need?

The dimensions of a cubic yard is 3ft x 3ft x 3ft. A supersack holds a little over a cubic yard.

For reference, you can fit a loose cubic yard in the bed of a full sized pick up truck, it also can cover 100 sq ft at 3 in depth.

Use our compost calculator to figure out how much you need for your project!

Bulk pricing is available at a discounted rate.

*** We are sorry for the inconvenience, but Super Sacks are currently available for pick up only ***

Find out more about our STA Certification here! Certified Compost Logo